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Romania Income Tax Law Amendments dd 06/09/2021
LU on ATAD Interest Limitation Rule dd 02/08/2021
Single Euro Payments Area dd 26/07/2021
UBO Register Cyprus dd 11/07/2021
Physical Substance Requirements dd 22/06/2021
Shell Companies Definition dd 15/06/2021
Income Tax Consolidation in Malta dd 21/05/2021
Update on Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law dd 28/04/2021
Cyprus and Kazakhstan DTT dd 12/04/2021
DAC 6 no imposition of penalties dd 04/03/2021
Extension of Articles 8 (21) provisions dd 23/02/2021
UK to repeal Interest and Royalties Directive dd 08/03/2021
Singapore Intellectual Property regulations dd 29/01/2021
DAC 6 to be replaced in UK dd 14/01/2021
Extension of DAC 6 reporting deadlines dd 04/02/2021
Cyprus against aggressive tax planning dd 12/11/2020
Updates in assessments and collection taxes law dd 11/11/2020
Ukraine - Recent tax updates dd 17/12/2020
Directive on Administrative Cooperation dd 29/10/2020